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Drawing regions-of-interest (ROIs)

Manual delineation of ROIs is often considered as gold standard although it is a time-consuming and error-prone task with considerable inter- and intra-operator variability.

Software for defining ROIs manually in TPC

Currently ROIs (or VOIs = volumes of interest) can be drawn on MR and parametric or sum PET images using:

In addition, ROIs can be drawn using GE Display on GE Advance images, but TACs produced can not be extracted from the database and used in further calculations, except the ones provided in the Display program.

Calculation of regional TACs

ROI files

ECAT ROI files

Format of ECAT ROI files; see also PET C-library, roi.c and roi.h

roi.gif (25358 bytes)

Working with ROI files:

Imadeus ROI files

Working with Imadeus ROIs.

Automatic ROI delineation

An automated anatomy-based region-of-interest (ROI) analysis can be performed using standardized ROIs defined on magnetic resonance template image representing brain anatomy in accordance with the Montreal Neurologic Institute (MNI) space database (Nagano et al., 2000; Brück et al., 2005).


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Nagano AS, Ito K, Kato T, Arahata Y, Kachi T, Hatano K et al. Extrastriatal mean regional uptake of fluorine-18-FDOPA in the normal aged brain – an approach using MRI-aided spatial normalization. Neuroimage 2000; 11: 760–766.

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