Ratio of time-activity curves

Tissue-to-reference tissue ratio (SUV ratio) and tissue-to-blood ratio are simple analysis methods often well-suited for diagnostic semi-quantitative PET studies, but that can also be applied to quantitative studies for instance in brain receptor studies, especially for analysis of steady-state and bolus+infusion PET studies.

Ratios are dependent on the time of the measurement, and suitable ratio calculation time (and scan time) for the clinical use must be determined by first conducting a series of dynamic PET studies. In addition, studying the kinetics of the ratios can provide valuable and comprehensible information on the properties of a new radiopharmaceutical for model development.

Let us simulate some typical PET time-activity curves (TACs) to see how the ratios could be utilized:

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Updated at: 2019-04-02
Created at: 2019-03-31
Written by: Vesa Oikonen