Turku PET Centre modelling reports

  1. Model equations for common compartmental models. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1082.8800
  2. Model equations for reference tissue compartmental models. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1869.3127
  3. Model equations for the dispersion of the input function in bolus infusion PET studies (outdated)
  4. Model equations for [15O]H2O PET perfusion (blood flow) studies
  5. Model equations for myocardial perfusion studies with [15O]H2O PET. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1738.2402
  6. Equations for graphical analysis of irreversible tracers (Gjedde-Patlak plot)
  7. Equations for graphical analysis of reversible tracers (Logan plot)
  8. Noise model for PET time-radioactivity curves (outdated)
  9. Models for plasma metabolite correction
  10. Modelling input function (outdated)
  11. -
  12. Removing bias in the graphical analysis methods (for local use only)
  13. Conversion of plasma TACs to blood (for local use only)
  14. Quantification of myocardial perfusion using Gd-DTPA and SAT-turboFLASH MRI
  15. BNCT modelling: [18F]10B-FBPA PET (outdated)
  16. Model averaging with Akaike weights
  17. Parametric images of [11C]flumazenil binding
  18. NET and [18F]FDOPA PET (outdated)
  19. Correction for time delay between PET and blood data (DRAFT)
  20. Using NNLS in multilinear PET problems
  21. [11C]NNC 756: validation of analysis method
  22. Applications of wavelets in PET modelling
  23. Multilinear solution for 4-compartment model: I. Tissue compartments in series DOI: 10.13140/2.1.1598.9762
  24. Multilinear solution for 4-compartment model: II. Two parallel tissue compartments
  25. Using QR decomposition for overdetermined systems
  26. Using GLLS to overcome bias problem
  27. Using basis function method for parametric mapping
  28. Study on basis function methods reliance on θ3 parameter limits
  29. Cluster analysis for dynamic PET studies
  30. Modelling of [11C]PE2I
  31. Modelling ADAM and MADAM
  32. Analysis of renal perfusion from [15O]H2O PET studies
  33. Analysis of [11C]L-deprenyl-D2 brain PET studies
    • Appendix A: processing of blood data
      [C-11]L-deprenyl-D2/tpcmod0033_app_a.pdf in intranet
    • Appendix B: blood data pharmacokinetics
      [C-11]L-deprenyl-D2/tpcmod0033_app_b.pdf in intranet
    • Appendix C: compartment model analysis of regional data
      [C-11]L-deprenyl-D2/tpcmod0033_app_c.pdf in intranet
    • Appendix D: compartment model analysis of image data (in intranet)
  34. Solving compartment model ODEs (proposed)
  35. Analysis of [11C]TMSX PET studies
    • Appendix A: Literature survey
      [C-11]TMSX/tpcmod0035_app_a.doc in intranet
    • Appendix B: Blood/plasma ratio
      [C-11]TMSX/tpcmod0035_app_b.doc in intranet
  36. Comparing equality of two time activity curves with runs test
  37. Effects of decay correction in autoradiography method
  38. Using modified SRTM in non-steady-state measurements
  39. Model equations for myocardial perfusion studies with [1-11C]acetate PET
  40. Model equations for myocardial oxygen consumption studies with [15O]O2 PET.

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Updated at: 2019-01-01
Written by: Vesa Oikonen