Installing TPC software

This page gives instructions on setting up your computer for using the software developed in Turku PET Centre. Instructions on software development are given elsewhere.


In VSSHP domain

In Turku PET Centre and hospital network the 64-bit versions of software are automatically installed (on mapped network drive S:\petsoftware\bin\windows), but if they are not, then contact the IT group.

Outside VSSHP domain

If your computer is not in hospital domain, then download programs, and unzip the .exe files into a folder in your computer, preferably a folder which is dedicated only to TPC software, for example C:\Users\myname\bin.

Add the folder to your computers PATH in order to use the programs from command-prompt window without specifying the path for programs each time: First, open the Windows Control panel. Then open the Environment Variables settings, and look if you can find a variable called PATH in the list for your user account. If it exists, then edit it, and if not then create it. Add to its value the path to the folder where you put the programs, starting with ; if variable PATH has previous content.


TPCCLIB binary package is built using Ubuntu (Debian) Linux, but it should work with other Linux flavours. Currently the binary package must be installed manually:

1. Create a folder for applications

Open the terminal window, and enter the following commands (modifying the path if necessary):

sudo -s mkdir /usr/local/bin/tpcclib
sudo -s chmod 777 /usr/local/bin/tpcclib

2. Add the folder to PATH environment variable

Open the hidden file .bash_profile, located in your home directory. For example, use command

leafpad ${HOME}/.bash_profile

Then add the following lines to the end of the file:

export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/bin/tpcclib

Save and close the file. To apply changes immediately enter this command:

source ${HOME}/.bash_profile

3. Copy the application binaries to the binary folder

First, download the binary package (tpcclib-*.*.*-Linux-x64.tar.gz).

Open the downloaded package, and find the bin folder inside it. Copy all applications files inside that folder into /usr/local/bin/tpcclib.

You can now use the applications in terminal window, regardless of the current working path.

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Updated at: 2023-09-11
Created at: 2016-11-17
Written by: Vesa Oikonen