TPCCLIB development using C in Linux

This page gives instructions on setting up the necessary tools for compiling TPCCLIB in the Ubuntu Linux environment. Compilation works also in other Linux distributions such as Fedora, but system set-up will be different, depending on the Linux distribution. Linux programs can also be compiled and executed in Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Install the tools for compiling and documenting

By default, Ubuntu distributions are not installed with all the tools that are required to compile C libraries and programs. You must first install the package build-essential either using Synaptic package manager or with terminal command

sudo apt install build-essential checkinstall

CMake is an open-source, cross-platform tool which is required to build, test, and package the TPCCLIB software. Download and install CMake using package manager:

sudo apt install cmake

Install also Doxygen and, depending on Doxygen settings, Graphviz (dot), using Synaptic package manager.

Environment settings

In order to use the compiled programs the operating system must be told where to find the program files. Also the test procedure requires this setting.

Go to your home directory (usually /home/username) and open file .bashrc with text editor; this file is hidden by default, therefore you must 'view hidden files' with your file browser. To the end of this file add the following line (changing the binary path as necessary):



Documentation for TPCCLIB gives instructions for compiling the C libraries and executables.

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Updated at: 2021-10-20
Created at: 2014-03-10
Written by: Vesa Oikonen