TMSX_input 1.1.2 © 2010-2017 Turku PET Centre

Input data preprocessing for [C-11]TMSX PET studies, when initial data is collected using ABSS (blood pump). Resulting data is calibrated and corrected for physical decay and time delay. Command-line arguments: 1. ABSS file (*.blo, *.lis, *.txt) 2. Manual plasma sample file (*ap.kbq) 3. Count-rate file (*.hc, *.cr, *.head, *.dft) 4. Plasma parent fraction file (*.rat) 5. Hematocrit (for example 0.42) 6. Filename for parent plasma TAC (*apc.kbq) 7. Filename for metabolite plasma TAC (*apm.kbq) 8. Filename for blood TAC (*ab.kbq) Keywords: blood, input, ABSS, TMSX See also: TMSX_idinput, absscal
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