ctisort 2.0.1 © 1996-2012 by Turku PET Centre

Program sorts matrices in CTI ECAT 6.3 files. Usually matrices need not be sorted, but some very simple software may not fully support ECAT matrix list, in which case sorting may be necessary. Note that program needs equal amount of disk space for temporary files! Usage: ctisort [Options] <ECAT file(s)> Options: -planes | -frames Sort matrices primarily by plane (default) or by frame. -h or --help Print this message and exit -v, --version, or --build Print software build information and exit --verbose Program prints more information about what it is doing --silent Program works silently, printing only warnings and error messages. See also: lmlist, lmhdr, lshdr, esplit Keywords: image, ECAT, matrix, sort This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.

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