dft2pmod 0.2.3 © 2005,2012 by Turku PET Centre

Program for converting DFT files into PMOD TAC or BLD file format. Usage: dft2pmod [Options] <DFT file(s)> Options: -format=<<tac>|<bld>> File is saved in PET tissue (TAC) format, or in blood input (BLD) format, with corresponding filename extensions. By default program tries to determine the format automatically. -h or --help Print this message and exit. --version or --build Print software build information and exit. --silent Program works silently, printing only error and warning messages. See also: pmod2dft, dft2dat, dft2csv, dftbreak, dftadd Keywords: DFT, PMOD, TAC, BLD, file format conversion This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.


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