dftweigh - tpcclib 0.8.0 © 2023 by Turku PET Centre

Add or remove the sample (time frame) weighting information to TAC file
for parameter estimations and curve fitting using formula (Mazoyer et al):
  weight=(frame duration)^2 / (decay corrected trues in a frame)
or optionally:
  weight=(frame duration)
TACs are assumed to be corrected for decay.
The relative weights are adjusted using a scan information file (SIF),
or TACs in the file (volume weighted average of all regions or given region);
in the latter case the units in TAC file must be set correctly.
Usage: dftweigh [Options] tacfile [sif | tacname]
     Existing weights are removed.
 -L  Weights are not calculated, but existing weights are printed
     on screen. Return code is non-zero if data does not contain weights.
 -wf | -wfm | -wfd
     Weights are based only on frame length or sampling interval.
     With -wfm the range of weights is reduced using value given with
     option -moderate.
     With -wfd the late frames are given less weight by using formula:
     weight=(frame duration)*exp(-t*ln(2)/halflife) (Thiele et al., 2008).
 -i=<Isotope code>
     Isotope, for example C-11, in case it is not found inside SIF or TAC
     file. Isotope is only needed with SIF, and with option -wfd.
     Weights are moderated by adding (1/value)*max true counts to
     all counts, if (max trues)/value > (min trues). By default, value=100.
     You can set value to zero to apply full range of weights.
     SIF data based on TAC file is written in given file; cannot be used
     if SIF is given as argument.
 -h, --help
     Display usage information on standard output and exit.
 -v, --version
     Display version and compile information on standard output and exit.
 -d[n], --debug[=n], --verbose[=n]
     Set the level (n) of debugging messages and listings.
 -q, --quiet
     Suppress displaying normal results on standard output.
 -s, --silent
     Suppress displaying anything except errors.
Note that absolute weights cannot be calculated. Relative weights are
scaled so that average weight is 1.0.
This program is deprecated: for new projects use tacweigh!
1. Mazoyer BM, Huesman RH, Budinger TF, Knittel BL. Dynamic PET data
   analysis. J Comput Assist Tomogr 1986; 10:645-653.
2. Thiele F, Buchert R. Evaluation of non-uniform weighting in non-linear
   regression for pharmacokinetic neuroreceptor modelling.
   Nucl Med Commun. 2008; 29:179-188.
See also: sifcat, sifisot, eframe, imgweigh, tacframe, imghead, tacdecay
Keywords: TAC, SIF, modelling, weighting