ecatanon 4.3 © 1994-2007 by Turku PET Centre

Remove or encrypt patient information from ECAT 6.3 or 7 files Usage: ecatanon <options> <file1> [file2...] --version, -V Print version information --key <key> Use encryption --name, +n <name> Set patient name --no-name, -n Remove patient name --file, +f Reset original filename to current name --no-file, -f Remove original filename --id, +i <name> Set patient id --no-id, -i Remove patient id --study, +s <type> Set study type (ECAT7 only) --no-study -s Remove study type (ECAT7 only) --no-upc -u Remove user process code --upc +u <code> Set user process code --no-desc -d Remove study description --desc +d <text> Set study description --no-age -a Remove patient age --age +a Set patient age --no-bd -b Remove patient birth date (ECAT7 only) --bd +b <date> Set patient birth date or age (ECAT7 only,no encryption) If an encryption key is specified, information is encrypted instead of cleared. Note that the encryption is very weak and should not be relied on for security. See also: e7lmhdr, lmhdr, e7emhdr, iftcrypt Keywords: image, patient anonymity, tool

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