ecatfbp - tpcclib 0.8.0 © 2023 by Turku PET Centre

Reconstruct PET image from attenuation and normalization corrected
2D PET sinogram using filtered back-projection (FBP).
This program does not correct image data for decay.
Image is corrected for the dead-time based on factors in the sinogram.
Image data is written in units ECAT counts per pixel per second.
Not for clinical use! Program is not thoroughly tested!
Usage: ecatfbp [Options] scnfile imgfile
     Set the reconstruction filter; by default Hann.
     Set cut-off value; by default 0.3.
     Set zoom factor; by default 1.0 (no zoom).
     Set image x and y dimensions; by default 128.
     Set image rotation in degrees, -180 - 180; by default 0 (no rotation).
     Set image shift in x direction (in cm); by default 0.
     Set image shift in y direction (in cm); by default 0.
     Divide image voxel values by voxel volume (mL); by default the voxel
     volume is corrected later during image calibration.
 -h, --help
     Display usage information on standard output and exit.
 -v, --version
     Display version and compile information on standard output and exit.
 -d[n], --debug[=n], --verbose[=n]
     Set the level (n) of debugging messages and listings.
 -q, --quiet
     Suppress displaying normal results on standard output.
 -s, --silent
     Suppress displaying anything except errors.
  ecatfbp -dim=256 a2345dy1.scn a2345dy1.img
See also: ecatnorm, edecay, ecalibr, atnmake, eframe, ecatmrp, img2scn
Keywords: ECAT, sinogram, image, reconstruction, FBP