ecatssum 0.1.0 © 2006 by Turku PET Centre

Software is used for calculating sum over specified frames or time interval in ECAT7 format 3D sinogram files. Sinogram data are treated as matrices and the original data format and header information are maintained. Software is optimized for large 3D sinogram files. Usage: ecatssum [options] <dynamic scn> <start frame> <end frame> <sum scn> Options: -t -T start frame and end frame are given in milliseconds -s -S run in silent mode -h -H print usage and exit -v -V print build information and exit E.g.: to extract frame 1 from dynamic sinogram: ecatssum HR+3D.S 1 1 HR+3D-frame1.S E.g.: to sum 5 frames starting from frame 15: ecatssum HR+3D.S 15 19 HR+3D-frames_15-19.S E.g.: to sum over time interval 1000 - 5000 milliseconds: ecatssum HR+3D.S 1000 5000 HR+3D-time1-5.S

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Last updated 2006-02-16