iftlist - tpcclib 0.8.0 © 2023 by Turku PET Centre

List on screen the specified or all key names and values in
an Interfile-type (IFT) header file.
Usage: iftlist [options] filename [key1 [key2...]] [> outputfile]
     List all values, also those with no key name
     Print only the key value(s) without key name(s)
 -h, --help
     Display usage information on standard output and exit.
 -v, --version
     Display version and compile information on standard output and exit.
 -d[n], --debug[=n], --verbose[=n]
     Set the level (n) of debugging messages and listings.
 -q, --quiet
     Suppress displaying normal results on standard output.
 -s, --silent
     Suppress displaying anything except errors.
     iftlist iea345.hdr patient_name
See also: iftadd, iftdel, iftisval, iftmatch, rmcmnts
Keywords: header, IFT, tool