imgpext 3.2.0 © 1996-2006 by Turku PET Centre

Extracts the individual pixel values of an CTI ECAT 6.3 or 7 image plane and frame, either all or those within specified regions. Values are written in stdout (on screen). Usage: imgpext [flags] [options] <Image file> [ROI file] Flags: -h -H print this message and exit -v -V print build information and exit -s -S run in silent mode Options: -p -P apply ROIs to all image planes. -i -I print out pixel indices in format matrix[1..planeNr][1..rowNr][1..colNr][1..frameNr]. -m <val> print only values greater than <val> Parameters: <Image file> input image filename [ROI file] ROI file to be applied Keywords: ECAT, ROI See also: imgpreport

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Last updated 2007-03-12