imgslice 0.1.1 © 2010,2012 by Turku PET Centre

Extract one slice from a PET image. Note that some smoothing occurs in the process, and currently the use of should be limited to making illustrations of image data. Usage: imgslice [options] <image file> <filename for image slice> Options: -plane[=<slice>] -column[=<slice>] -row[=<slice>] Specified slice (by default mid slice) of image planes (default), columns, and/or rows is extracted. -dim=<new image dimension> -h or --help Print this message and exit. --version or --build Print software build information and exit. --silent Program works silently, printing only error and warning messages. --verbose Program prints more information about what it is doing. Example 1: make a TIFF image of parametric image from a central slice in three directions imgslice -plane -column -row ia123bp.v ia123bp_slices.v img2tif -s -rb -th=3 ia123bp_slices.v ia123bp_slices.tif See also: imgslim, esplit, imgshrink, img2cube, e7vplavg, ecat2tif, ecat2flo Keywords: image processing, ECAT, tool This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.

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