rescoll - tpcclib 0.8.0 © 2023 by Turku PET Centre

Collects the model analysis results from a set of PET studies, and
by default tabulates regional results and means with standard deviations;
then results of only one model analysis program can be used at a time.
Usage: rescoll [Options] collection_file result_files
     Results will be sorted by study number.
     Quits with error when normally a warning would be displayed.
     Regional results are not collected but result files are just
     tabulated into one HTML file.
     Regional and individual results are collected for each parameter.
 -h, --help
     Display usage information on standard output and exit.
 -v, --version
     Display version and compile information on standard output and exit.
 -d[n], --debug[=n], --verbose[=n]
     Set the level (n) of debugging messages and listings.
 -q, --quiet
     Suppress displaying normal results on standard output.
 -s, --silent
     Suppress displaying anything except errors.
     rescoll patlak_means.html ua4???ki.res
The collected data is saved in tables in XHTML format, therefore the
collection filename extension has to be .htm(l).
File can then be viewed and printed with a web browser or Excel.
In Excel the data can be also be processed further and saved in Excel
See also: reslist, pardiff, dft2res, fit2res, resmatch, resdel, paradd
Keywords: results, tabulation, reporting, modelling, simulation, tool