taccat - tpcclib 0.8.0 © 2023 by Turku PET Centre

Catenate the TACs from the second TAC file to the first one, or to a new
datafile. Sample times or correction for physical decay are not changed.
Each TAC file must contain the same number of TACs, and if more than one TAC,
TAC names must match, too.
Usage: taccat [options] tacfile1 tacfile2 [catenated_file]
 -both | -first | -second | -cut=<time>
     In case of overlapping samples, either samples from both (-both),
     first (-first), or second (-second, default) TAC are saved in
     combined file, or specified cut time is used.
     Cut time can also be given in file with keys 'x' or 'time'.
     By default, overlap will lead to an error.
     Program does not mind if the time or calibration units cannot be
     converted to match, or if TAC names do not match.
 -h, --help
     Display usage information on standard output and exit.
 -v, --version
     Display version and compile information on standard output and exit.
 -d[n], --debug[=n], --verbose[=n]
     Set the level (n) of debugging messages and listings.
 -q, --quiet
     Suppress displaying normal results on standard output.
 -s, --silent
     Suppress displaying anything except errors.
     taccat t455ap_pump.kbq t455ap_manual.kbq t455ap_combined.kbq
See also: tacblend, taccut, tacadd0, tacadd, tacunit, tactime, taccross
Keywords: TAC, tool, input, blood