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TPCCLIB v2 documentation

Folder v2 contains rewritten versions of the C libraries and CLI applications, developed in Turku PET Centre from year 1991.

Each library function and application has at least a minimal test procedure included in the CMake/CTest cross-platform build environment.

Currently the v2 library contains only part of the functionalities of the v1 library, and therefore contains only few applications.

Libraries in v2

  • libtpcabss tpcabss.h): Automatic blood sampling system data processing and IO.
  • libtpcbfm (tpcbfm.h): Basis functions calculations.
  • libtpcbootstrap (tpcbootstrap.h): Bootstrap functions (not functional yet).
  • libtpccm (tpccm.h): Compartmental models.
  • libtpccsv (tpccsv.h): CSV file processing and IO.
  • libtpcdcm (tpcdcm.h): DICOM functions (not yet for production use).
  • libtpcecat (tpcecat.h): ECAT functions (not functional yet).
  • libtpcextensions (tpcextensions.h): Miscellaneous routines, including unit, tpcerror, tactype, and weights.
  • libtpcfcmc (tpcfcmc.h): Fuzzy C means clustering algorithm.
  • libtpcfileutil (tpcfileutil.h): File and directory functions that require C POSIX library components.
  • libtpcfunc (tpcfunc.h): Mathematical functions.
  • libtpcift (tpcift.h): Interfile-type (IFT) header data processing and IO.
  • libtpcimage (tpcimage.h): Image data structure (IMG) functions (not functional yet).
  • libtpcisotope (tpcisotope.h): Elements, isotopes and half-lives.
  • libtpcli (tpcli.h): Linear interpolation and integration of TAC.
  • libtpclinopt (tpclinopt.h): Linear optimization.
  • libtpcmicropet (tpcmicropet.h): microPET image functions (not functional yet).
  • libtpcmodels (tpcmodels.h): Model and function mf codes and descriptions for other libraries.
  • libtpcnifti (tpcnifti.h): NIfTI functions (not functional yet).
  • libtpcnlopt (tpcnlopt.h): Nonlinear optimization.
  • libtpcpar (tpcpar.h): Model fitting parameter file and data (PAR) processing and IO.
  • libtpcrand (tpcrand.h): Simple random number generation.
  • libtpcstatist (tpcstatist.h): Simple statistics.
  • libtpctac (tpctac.h): Regional and input TAC processing and IO.
  • libtpctacmod (tpctacmod.h): Regional and input TAC processing for modelling and fitting.

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