Analysis of [18F]deuteroaltanserin PET data

[18F]altanserin is an excellent radioligand for studying the density of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors, except that its BBB penetrating radiometabolite requires a relatively long bolus-infusion study protocol (Paterson et al., 2013). Substitution of two deuterium atoms for hydrogen atoms retards the metabolism, leading to improved target-to-background ratio (Tan et al., 1998; van Dyck et al., 2000). Bolus-infusion protocol was still feasible for [18F]deuteroaltanserin, providing again excellent test-retest reproducibility (van Dyck et al., 2000; Soares et al., 2001; Staley et al., 2001). The dynamic PET scan is started about 5 h after the start of bolus-infusion (van Dyck et al., 2000; Kugaya et al., 2003; Santhosh et al., 2009).

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