IDWC and IF file


IDWC and IF formats were used for example in Imanet Hammersmith. Regional tissue time-activity curves (TTACs) are saved in IDWC format, and the input (plasma corrected for metabolites and whole blood) TACs are saved in IF format.


Format conversion between IDWC/IF and DFT

IDWC and IF data files can be converted from and to DFT format using dft2idwc, idwc2dft, dft2if, and if2dft.

Note that before file format conversion you may need to remove the correction for physical decay, change the sample times from minutes to seconds, or convert the units of radioactivity using tacunit.

Support for IDWC and IF files by in-house software in Turku

Starting in the end of year 2005, recent versions of software that have been compiled with libtpccurveio version 1.2.1 or later (you can check this by giving command line option --version to the program) can identify and read IDWC files instead of DFT files, if file name extension is *.idwc or *.idw.

To use IF data as input to in-house modelling software, the files must first be converted into local format and separate files for whole blood and metabolite corrected plasma. If IF data is not directly used as model input, recent versions of software can identify and read IF data files instead of DFT or *.kbq files, if file name extension is *.if.

However, software saves TAC data always in DFT format.

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Updated at: 2014-05-18
Written by: Vesa Oikonen