DFT TAC file format

DFT is a multi-purpose ASCII data file format for regional tissue time-activity curves (TTACs), blood or plasma TACs (PTACs, BTACs), and fractions of authentic tracer and its metabolites in plasma. Analysis tools developed in TPC can read DFT files (as well as a few other TAC formats). Tools for processing TAC files in DFT and other formats are downloadable in TPC download pages.

Use program tacformat to change TAC file format.

TAC files may contain comment lines starting with character ‘#’. These lines may also contain useful, or outdated, information on data units etc. In bash the comment lines can be removed with command:

sed '/^#/ d' < input.dat > output.dat

, or using program rmcmnts.


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Updated at: 2019-11-06
Created at: 2007-01-10
Written by: Vesa Oikonen