ECAT Imagetool ROI file

ImageTool was a software for image analysis provided by the manufacturer of CTI/ECAT PET scanners. The ROI format was later used by YaIT (deprecated TPC software).


Working with ECAT Imagetool/YaIT ROI files

  1. Listing ROI file contents: roilist
  2. Splitting ROI file into parts: roisplit
  3. Calculating ROI TACs: img2dft
  4. Seeing ROI placement by setting blank the outside areas in images: eroi2img
  5. Masking high-activity image regions by setting pixel values inside ROIs to zero: eroi2img
  6. Extracting TACs of separate pixels from dynamic image; program roipxl can be used to retrieve certain pixels inside ROI(s):
  7. Extracting pixel values inside ROI(s): imgpext (replaces extrimg); also a new experimental version that supports Carimas VOIs is available from Timo Laitinen
  8. Extracting one image line: lor2dft

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Updated at: 2016-06-28
Created at: 2007-06-26
Written by: Vesa Oikonen