PET image mask

Mask image is an image file in the same dimensions as the usual PET image, but containing integer values, usually 0 and 1. It can be applied to PET image to extract TACs from those image pixels that have certain value in the mask image, or to set the masked/non-masked pixels to zero value in the PET image.

Mask matrix can be stored in usual PET image file formats. Mask can be saved also as binary flat file, and converted to PET image formats using flat2img. Program imgthrs can save mask images.

Masks can be dilated or eroded using programs maskdila and maskeros, respectively. Separate clusters of masked pixels can be identified using masklbl and sorted by size with masksize.

Mask image contents can be inverted using maskinv. Conjunction of two mask images can be made with maskconj. The coordinates of pixels that are part of the mask be listed using mask2pxl.

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Updated at: 2018-03-01
Created at: 2016-06-06
Written by: Vesa Oikonen