PET image

PET scanner measures concentration of radioactivity as a function of time, producing quantitative 4D images ("dynamic images").

Image data is stored in a file on computer disk, or database. In an image data file:

File contains these radioactivity concentration values, stored in a very long array. File also contains metainformation ("header") about the size of image, size of image pixels, scan time, etc. Image file:

Static image

Static image

"Static image" contains only one time frame, usually scanned a certain time after tracer injection (late-scan). These data can be analyzed visually, or used to calculate for example SUV, FUR, or ratio images.

[15O]H2O PET studies contain often only static imaging, starting from the tracer injection. Static images can be used in brain activation studies, or perfusion can be quantified with ARG method.

How to find the PET images in TPC?

Please read the SOP7539.

Mask image

Mask image is an image, which is related to a certain PET image, but which does not contain quantitative concentration or parameter values, but instead each voxel has it's own label (0, 1, 2, ...). Mask images can be used to store a selection of image voxels, for example when defining ROIs, or when masking out certain image areas.

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