algtimes 0.1.1 © 2006 by Turku PET Centre

Correct the sample times in Allogg ABSS on-line blood sampler data. Use this, if sampling was accidentally started later than the PET scan. If the new sampling start time is not given, the program lists information on current sample times on the screen. Usage: algtimes [Options] <Sampler datafile> [New sampling start time as hh:mm:ss] Options: -o=<Filename> Filename for corrected sampler data; by default, original file is overwritten. -v[ersion] -build Print build information and exit. -h[elp] Print this text and exit. -silent Work silently; only warnings and error messages are printed in stdout. See also: blo2kbq, injdifft, blotimes Keywords: input, blood, sample times, injection time

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