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Correct or list the sample times in Scanditronics or GEMS on-line blood sampler (blood pump) data (1). Correct decay correction will bepossible only if blood sampling start time is correct versus PET scan start time. Usage: blotimes <Sampler datafile> [New sampling start time as hh:mm:ss] Options: -h, --help Print this message and exit --build Print software build information and exit --silent Program works silently, printing only warnings and error messages. --verbose Program prints lots of information about what it is doing. In Scanditronics data files the correct sampling start time is in the file headers; however, in old Scanditronics data files the headers do not contain time, but it is read from the first sample data line. In GEMS data files the time in file headers is not the sampling start time, but time is read from the first sample data line. If new sampling time is given and it is different than the current sampling start time, then all sample times in the sampler data file are changed. If the new sampling start time is not given, the program lists information on current sample times on the screen. Example 1a: Blood sampler times are listed: blotimes us1165.bld Example 1b: PET image scan start time is listed: egetstrt us1165.v Example 1c: Obviously, blood sampler clock was not synchronized with PET, therefore blood sample times must be corrected to PET scan start time: blotimes us1165.bld 10:25:58 References: 1. See also: algtimes, blo2kbq, injdifft, egetstrt, blozero, blofch Keywords: blood, input, sample times, Scanditronics, online-sampler This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.

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