Models for simulation of regional PET TTACs

Software for simulation

PET tissue time-activity curves (TTACs) can be simulated based on the input function, compartmental model, and model parameters, using the software listed below:

Compartmental models with plasma input

Models with 1- or 2-tissue compartments can be simulated simply by setting the rate constants that apply to the second or third compartment to zero.

For demonstration purposes Excel worksheets are available for the simulation of

These programs and worksheets use the direct ODE solutions for discrete-time data. There really is no reason to use the convolution method for simulations, but programs and convexpf are available for that purpose.

2-tissue compartment model with reference tissue input

Program sim_rtcm can be used to simulate TTACs using the following reference tissue input models:

Dedicated models for PET tracers or targets

Shape analysis

Program simshape can be used to simulate regional TTAC using shape analysis method.

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